A step by step guide to horse jumpingHorse jumping is exciting and thrilling, but it is also dangerous. Because of the risks involved with horse jumping, anyone wishing to master this difficult sport should seek guidance from an experienced riding instructor. If you are serious about learning how to jump, the Sherwood Riding School in Nottinghamshire, UK can teach you how. Before getting to the riding arena, read this step-by-step guide to horse jumping that will give you an idea for what to expect.

Jumping a single fence

Before you can tackle a course you must learn how to jump one fence.

  1. Direct your horse to the jump, keeping a steady pace, whether at the trot or canter. Make sure your horse is headed for the middle of the jump.
  2. When your horse takes off, get into the correct jumping position. Slightly rise out of the saddle, lean forward, and keep your back straight. Your arms and hands should also move forward so that they follow your horse’s motion. Do not look down or you may throw your horse off balance. Hold this position while your horse is in the air.
  3. Once your horse successfully lands on the other side of the jump, sit back down in the saddle.

Jumping a line

A line is two or more jumps in a row. Once you are able to clear a single jump, you will be ready to try two.

  1. Begin thinking about the second jump even while you and your horse are still headed for the first one.
  2. Jump the first fence as you normally would.
  3. Upon landing, direct your horse to the next jump, remaining in control and balanced.

Jumping a course

After enough practice you will be able to complete an entire course of jumps. Riding through a whole course is mentally challenging because it requires memorizing the order of the jumps, as well as constantly thinking ahead. You should approach every jump already planning for the next one, while still keeping in mind the proper execution of and preparation for the fence ahead of you. This means you will have to think about several different things at once. Although difficult, successfully jumping a course is fun and rewarding.

If horse jumping sounds like something you would like to try, then take riding lessons at the Sherwood Riding School in Nottinghamshire, UK. Horse jumping is hard, but if you stick with it, you can succeed.

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A Step by Step Guide to Horse Jumping
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