Horse Riding tips - how to steer a horseHorse Riding Tips #2 – How to steer a horse

Every horseback rider must know how to correctly steer and control a horse while riding. You can learn these necessary skills by taking horse riding lessons in Mansfield at Sherwood Riding School. Until then, read on for some quick information about how to steer your horse.

First, it is helpful to know which hand and leg are on the inside and which hand and leg are on the outside. Your inside leg and hand are on the same side as the direction you are turning in. The outside leg and hand are on the side you are turning away from. For example, your inside leg and hand during a left turn are on the left, while your outside leg and hand are on the right. During a right turn, your inside leg and hand are on the right, while your outside leg and hand are on the left. Knowing this basic information will make learning how to turn a horse much easier.

How to steer a horse

1.) Look in the desired direction-Changing your focus shifts your weight, which signals to your horse that you are getting ready to turn.

2.) Pull the inside rein back-During this step you do not want to yank on the rein and brutally force your horse’s head to turn. Instead, gently draw the inside rein back about two inches. This should get your horse’s head pointed in the direction of the turn. It may take a few gentle pulls until your horse listens and begins to move his head.

3.) Place your outside leg behind the girth-Although the inside leg stays in the same spot near the girth, the outside leg must move behind the girth. This keeps the horse turning in the desired direction and prevents the horse from straightening out.

4.) Bringyourhandsandlegstotheirnormalpositionsafterturning-Onceyouhavesuccessfully turned your horse, there is no longer any need to pull on the reins or to keep one leg behind the girth.

Turning sounds simple, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

 Be careful where you put your weight. Excessive leaning while turning can cause your horse to lose its balance.

 Even though the inside hand does pull back slightly, your hands should not get too far apart, nor should you raise the hand that is directing the turn.

 Attempt to make the cues for turning as subtle as possible. They should be nearly invisible to onlookers.

 Don’t make your horse turn too sharply or too abruptly. Imagine going in a circle so that your turn is wide enough.

Learn even more about how to control and steer a horse by taking horse riding lessons in Mansfield at Sherwood Riding School. Practicing under skillful instructors is always ideal. They are there to teach you all the knowledge, tips, and secrets that they have acquired from years of experience. Turing and controlling your horse gets easier with both practice and proper instruction.

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