Horse Livery

Situated in the heart of Sherwood Forest, our horse livery is a peaceful and natural environment in which to keep your horse. At Sherwood Riding School our horse livery service is second to none. We offer the most professional and caring approach to our work, and we even have an onsite team working around the clock to tend to your horses every need. Rest assured you can have peace of mind knowing that your horse is being looked after well by a team of expert stable hands with years of experience in the field.

Whilst you are attending to your horse, you will be able to take gentle hacks around the surrounding countryside passing through meadows, streams as well as plenty of other natural beauty hotspots. It is the perfect area in which to keep a much loved natural creature. Your

Our exclusive yard has everything your horse could want from fresh hay feeds provided by our carers on a regular basis every day as well as menial tasks such as mucking out to keep the stable nice and clean. Walks and health checks are important too and your horse will be under the watchful eye of expert managers who treat each horse like their own. We also aim to give your horse extra TLC with the best shavings, bedding and mats all sourced and placed into the stable block for your horse to use.

Summary of Our Horse Livery Service

  • Daily turning in and out.
  • Fresh bedding and mats provided by us.
  • Regular fresh hay feeds.
  • Basic tasks such as mucking out performed for you by our stable hands.
  • Peace of mind knowing your horse is being treated right.

If you are interested in our horse livery service and you want to find out more information. Then you can do so by calling us today on 01623 859531