Horse Jumping - a beginners guide

Many beginner horseback riders can’t wait to learn how to horse jump. It is an exciting time for any rider, but one that should not come before reaching a certain level of skill in horseback riding. The Sherwood Riding School in Nottinghamshire, UK can help you reach that level. Once you are ready, the Sherwood Riding School can then train you to be a competent horse jumper. Read on if you want to know what it will take to learn how to jump.

Before Horse Jumping

Balance and control are two necessary skills that must be obtained before being allowed to jump. Balance will prevent you from falling off while your horse is soaring over a fence, and control will enable you to safely direct your horse through a course of jumps.

Jumping Position

The correct jumping position is referred to as either the two-point position or the half seat. It must be mastered prior to taking your first jump. To get into this position, slightly rise from the saddle and lean forward over your horse’s neck. Keep your head up and your back straight, move your arms so that they are in front of your body, and place your hands on your horse’s neck. Try holding this position during each different gait.

Ground Poles

Working with ground poles prepares riders for jumping. Just as the name implies, these poles are placed on the ground. Ask your horse to step over these poles at the walk, trot, and canter, while practicing your jumping position.

Beginning Jumps

After you have perfected your jumping position and are comfortable with ground poles, you will be equipped to execute your first jump. At first you will work on clearing only one fence, but as your skills improve you will be able to manage greater challenges, such as navigating a line, which is two or more jumps in a row, and completing a whole course. As a beginner horseback jumper you will approach the jumps at a trot, but eventually you will speed up to a canter.

Be patient with yourself as you develop your abilities and never practice without the supervision of an experienced riding instructor. It takes time and effort to strengthen these skills, which is something the Sherwood Riding School in Nottinghamshire, UK can help you with. If you are anxious to begin horse jumping, then start taking riding lessons at the Sherwood Riding School.

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Horse Jumping - a beginners guide
An article to help novice horse riders with their horse jumping - an introduction with what to do and what you will need to begin horse jumping at your riding lessons.