Horse hacking in NottinghamshireHorse Hacking in Nottinghamshire

Horse hacking around Sherwood Riding School is one of the finest ways to enjoy the beautiful Nottinghamshire countryside. What better way to experience the fields and woods than from horseback?

A hack out on horseback from this picturesque riding stables near Newark, Nottinghamshire is a great way to relax and see the countryside from a whole new angle. From the farm itself pathways lead off to woodlands and lakes that are rarely frequented. The idyllic scenery is populated mostly by horses, who trot up to their fences to say hello, or have a little show off of their bucking and galloping skills to keep you entertained!

Horse Riding out in the Beautiful Nottinghamshire Countryside

Imagine yourself wandering down woodland paths and skirting lakes, the only sounds you can hear are birds, buzzing insects and the clop of horses hooves – plus the occasional snort from your mount! A perfect time out in the sunshine and a great way to have a horse riding lesson, no matter how experienced you are. Our qualified instructors will lead you or stay with you or your children so you are safe at all times, and there’s no chance of getting lost!

The trails and fields are easily navigated and rarely do motor vehicles come down the pathways, so peace and quiet is assured. The horses at the riding school are perfectly happy and at home out on the trails and so will you be.

Hacking on horses is a perfect way to hone your riding skills. There’s plenty of room to trot and canter whilst out and about, although many people prefer to have their ride out as a quiet time, to relax and enjoy the scenery and the company of a horse.

So come and join us for a hack around the farm, you will love your ride out in the countryside whatever your experience or age. Call Sam on the number below and ask about riding lessons and horse hacking in Nottinghamshire.