Horse Riding Lessons at Sherwood Riding School, Nottinghamshire

Fun activities for children!
Horse riding lessons are one of the fun things to do in Nottingham! Horse riding is among the best kids activities as they have so much fun they don’t realise how much they are learning. Not many activities for children help child development so much, both physically, mentally and socially. Horse riding is a great confidence booster and encourages a sense of responsibility in children whilst giving them a great time out in the fresh air.

Bring your children to Sherwood Riding School this weekend and every weekend and experience one of the most fun and educational things to do with kids.

Horse Riding Activities for Children and Adults

Bring your children to Sherwood Riding School at North Laithes Farm, Nottinghamshire for horse riding lessons from fully qualified and experienced instructor Sam Gorman. Sam’s attitude to teaching both adults and children to ride horses is that it should be fun, educational and good for both horse and rider physically and mentally. Kids can learn all aspects of equine care and riding in general, up to competition standard. She encourages ┬áthe child to learn and develop their skills without pressure, but by nurturing a sense of responsibility and building confidence, and of course these excellent qualities will have a positive affect on your child’s every day life for the better.

How horse riding lessons can help you or your child:

  • boost confidence
  • brilliant fun
  • get out in the fresh air
  • sense of responsibility
  • make new friends, both human and equine!

Just by being around the horses and becoming involved with life on a farm children start to see themselves differently, and overcoming challenges and building confidence is one of the most important child development stages that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Not only that, but riding lessons are great fun and both children and adults love the horses and look forward to spending time with them. They are also getting some great exercise out in the fresh air.

So come on down and try horse riding lessons at Sherwood Riding School at North Laithes Farm, Eakring for some great outdoor fun.